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Interactive Installation


Interactive Work

Software: Arduino, Processing, and Max.


Couryard X (2016)

It is an architecture interactive installations that drives by Arduino board. Audiences can interactive with the LED lights through distance sensor. This installation was made for the Beijing Design Week.

Imagination and the Sea (2016)

Imagination and the Sea is an Interactive installation about an imaginary ocean in my mind, which driven by gears and motors. It is based on my memories of standing on the ocean shore in Taiwan.The waves, fish, and LED lights can response to the audiences based on the distance.


Acrylic Board, Wood Panel, Paper, OBS(3D print), Stepper Motor, Sonar,and Arduino Board

CO² (2015)

CO² is an interactive multilayer painting about global warming that causes the death of plants. Animals start loosing their habitat. Audience can blow the air that contains CO² through the sensor. The plants start to turn the color from green to yellow. The eyes, which were hiding behind those plants start showing up. Animals cannot be protected after plants die.


Thermochromic Ink, Yarn, Cardboard, Heating Wire, and Arduino Board

Under the Viaduct (2015)

Under the Viaduct is an interactive animation cooperating with a graffiti artist, Charlie Reynoso. The West Harlem Art Fund sponsored the exhibition at 135th Street in the Harlem, New York. Audiences can step on the four sensors, and the certain animation will play. The characters appear when the audience step harder. 


Projector, Force Sensor(Self-made), and Arduino Board